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This gallery consists of photographs taken in 2009 and 2010.* It contrasts images of the natural with images of the man-made, generally with the man-made a little worse for wear. It also includes several images featuring movement or moving subjects, along with a variety of more static images.


I started out with a core set of images, taken in Toronto’s East end, that shared a light, de-saturated look.** I then expanded the set to include images from Alberta, Niagara Falls, Florida and Buffalo, some of which shared the same look, others of which were higher contrast.  


* I've also snuck in a few 2011 photographs to round things out.


** The original set of images included Cloud over Danforth, Drifwood Log, At the Beach, Junk Bicycle and Crushed Pop Can.


All Images © Tom Onyshko, 2017