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This gallery started its life as sort of a collection of B-sides and rarities. When I first put this gallery together in 2014, I went back through my old images and gave new life to some favourites, which hadn’t made it on to the website, by converting them to black and white.


In 2016, I replaced various images in the gallery with new ones, mostly short in 2015 or later (including Deer Skull on Concrete, Bank Building and Overpass in the Rain). Then, in 2017, I replaced more images, with some shot in the past (Girl in a Fancy Shirt, Southern Gothic, Cousins, etc.) and some recent ones (Jelly Fish, Gardiner at Night and Bowl of Roses).


The end result is a mix of new and old images, with an emphasis on people, architecture and landscapes.


All Images © Tom Onyshko, 2017