Credits and Thank Yous


The "Tom Onyshko Photography" logo uses Ray Larabie's excellent font Stereofidelic (see his site at The cursive font used for various headings is a licensed version of FG Petra by Ellinor Maria Rapp.


Thanks to my parents Steve and Alice; my brothers Mike and Dan and their respective spouses Karen and Paula; Barbara and Roy Pals; Don McPhail; Jim Suderman; Kim McVittie; and others who encouraged my photographic pursuits. Thanks to The Rheostatics, The Weakerthans, Gord Downie and NQ Arbuckle for musical inspiration.


Special thanks to Dale Dietrich for his technical assistance, encouragement and friendship. To see what's up with Dale, check out




This website is dedicated to Brenda, without whom it would not be possible. She has endured much foolishness with persistent good humour, and generally supported and encouraged this photographer far beyond the call of duty. All my love.

All Images © Tom Onyshko, 2017