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This section lists the changes that were made to version 1.5 of this website, launched in January 2012.


Summary of Changes


Version 1.5 features a wide variety of changes to the website:


• a revised navigation system for main sections of the website, with subpages within the section displayed as a list below the main links;


• a new Essays section, which provides essays related to this website and photography generally;


• a new format for the website that puts all colour images into one section and all black and white images into another section;


• three new galleries – Colour 2010-2011, Colour 2009-2010 and Black & White 3 – with images displayed in a new, larger format;


• revisions to images appearing in Colour 2008-2009 (formerly Work in Progress);


• revisions to the About section of this website;


• new images on the home page.


All Images © Tom Onyshko, 2017