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What Do I Like to Photograph?


These are a few of my favourite things:


1. Everyday objects: There is something intriguing about everyday objects and places sometimes, when you look at them carefully, they are strange and wonderful. Do combs really have that many teeth? What an odd expression that doll has. Who chose that shade of paint?


2. Fairs and Amusement Parks: These places are interesting to me because they try to create environments in which everyday rules are bent or stretched. They also remind me of my own childhood and the time I spent at the Red River Exhibition, which came to Winnipeg every summer.


3. Animals and Zoos: I like images of animals that capture the sense that they are observing you or judging you. It makes you realize that there is a conscious being inside this inhuman form, which is a weird thought. Also, I find that zoos are places that evoke strong and conflicting feelings. On one hand, they are essentially prisons, and their inmates know they are imprisoned or at least suspect that something is wrong. On the other hand, without zoos it would be very difficult for the average city dweller to come in close contact with many animals, and to get some appreciation of them.


4. Blurred Images: I like experimenting with long shutter speeds and movement to create partially abstract images.


All Images © Tom Onyshko, 2017