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How Did I Choose the Photographs on this Website?


I originally thought I would organize the photographs into three galleries – one for people, one for places and one for things. But when I looked at my favourite photographs they didn’t break down neatly into these categories. So instead, I “borrowed” an orangutan from the Metro Toronto Zoo, locked him in our basement with a box of my photographs and instructed him to pick the ones he liked and put them into three equal piles. The experiment failed, with the result that I spent the better part of a week cleaning the basement and mopping monkey slobber off the photographs.*


I decided to go back to picking the photographs myself, breaking them down into chronological groups for my colour images, and mixed-date groups for my black and whites. Within each gallery, I tried to get enough variety that there was some balance and also some unpredictability, both in thumbnails and full-sized images. My hope is that at least one photograph in each gallery will annoy, amuse, or surprise you. If so, my work is done. If not – well, who invited you anyway? Get the heck out of my website, you lousy end user! What did you expect, National Geographic? Sheesh.


Posted: April 2009 (updated January 2012).


* I tried replicating the experiment with my 13 year old son, with similar results. Also, as you are no doubt prissily pointing out, an orangutan is technically not a type of monkey. But their slobber is very similar. Trust me.


All Images © Tom Onyshko, 2017