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2.  I am fine with localized changes to remove background objects from the image, such as removing pieces of litter or stray objects that have somehow crept into the scene. I probably would have picked this stuff out of the scene if I’d noticed it at the time, so I don’t feel bad about removing it electronically.


3.  I am okay with fixing small blemishes or imperfections that would otherwise draw unwarranted attention. For example, I have fixed chipped paint on the head of statue, or removed distracting bubbles from photographs taken in aquariums. I consider this a legitimate expansion of point #2 above, although I acknowledge that I couldn’t have corrected these problems at the time of taking the photograph.


4.  I do some burning and dodging, to darken highlights or lighten shadow areas. I’m comfortable with these activities because I used to do them in a much more painful way in the darkroom back in 1980s. But I try to keep these effects to a minimum, because they can make an image look odd if applied too lavishly.


5.  I am uncomfortable with removing people or foreground objects from images, and have done this only rarely. In my view, this is the point at which you start stepping over the line, although I acknowledge that many photographers feel otherwise.   

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