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6.  I don’t insert objects into images. I think this goes to my point about undermining the representational nature of photography. That said, it’s possible that I may experiment with composite images in the future, where the composite nature of the image is obvious in the finished product.


7.  I don’t have a problem with high dynamic range (HDR) photography, where a photograph is created by compounding different images into one scene, so that the finished image displays a range of detail in the highlights and shadows that would have been impossible through “straight” photography. I don’t do HDR myself, but I could see experimenting with it. Similarly, I don’t have a problem with using Photoshop to achieve a particular aesthetic look, such as the de-saturated, highly sharpened look currently in vogue for portrait photography.


8.  I am willing to make more extensive changes to black and white images. Perhaps this is because I follow the usual approach in digital photography of photographing in colour and desaturating later for black and white. Monochrome images are therefore by their nature more synthetic to me, which makes further manipulation acceptable. Whatever the justification, some of my black and white images feature very significant contrast changes and adjustments to alter different grey tones appearing in the image.


9.  Despite the above, I sometimes forget the degree to which I’ve manipulated an image. Every now and then I happen upon the original RAW file and realize it looks dramatically different from the final version.    

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