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Finally, my attitude towards image manipulation has changed over time. When I first started doing digital photography, I used a Canon point and shoot (which adjusted images in its on-camera software) and Google’s Picassa photo editing software. The resulting images were aggressively manipulated, with a clean, high-contrast, cartoon-like look. After I bought a DSLR and started shooting in RAW, I became more conservative, often staying pretty close to the original RAW files. Over time, I’ve become more comfortable deleting background clutter, dodging and burning and creatively manipulating RAW files.


So there you have it. I’ve set out my comments here as much to clarity them in my own mind as to inform you, my loyal viewer. It’s possible that my views about image manipulation will change over time, as I continue to explore Photoshop and as the technology itself further changes around me. In that case, I may be back to revise this essay. But for now, I will take my candy in moderation.


Posted: January 2012.

All Images © Tom Onyshko, 2017